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June 21st, 2010 by ilovemikelitt

Random House

We’re privileged to be hosting an essay by Bill Zehme, Kaufmanesque, Circa 2009: Notes on a Cultural Outbreak. Here’s more on this accomplished guest-contributor.

Yea, with a title like this, you think we are going to be writing a sweeping essay/bio on the life of writer, Bill Zehme. But we’re not going to attempt such a thing. No, that’s his job. And he’s really, really good at it.

His writing doesn’t begin and end with the Kaufman biography we happen to be giving away at the Tribute Open Mic this Thursday. He’s written some of the most insightful biographic pieces on entertainment culture’s elite: Jay Leno, Hugh Hefner, Regis Philbin, Sinatra, and at the top of them all, Johnny Carson.

“Bill Zehme is at a loss. It has been five months now. Five long months since he bagged Johnny Carson, his personal white whale, and presented him to America on the pages of Esquire magazine’s June issue. Once again, Zehme was the envy of every writer in the country. Another coup. Johnny’s first interview in a decade. Another unattainable celebrity profiled in artful prose. But, none of that mattered. Johnny is what mattered. And now it’s over.”

- John Karp, New City Chicago

We just wanted to fill you in on Zehme and his contribution to the big culture picture.

If you want to learn more about Zehme, check out some of the links below:
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(This is an illuminating piece on Zehme, but the original link is down, this is the google cache version)

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