Treasure City Thrift Recycled Fashion Show

Local Designers upcycling old clothes into new looks.

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Community-Based Entertainment Solutions

“Grassroots movers-and-shakers Mike Litt and Chris Ledesma create wild events with a social-justice spirit.” – From an Elephant Journal article by Abigail Wick.

At its most basic, iLoveMikeLitt is an outlet to put together cultural events that we think would be fun and awesome. They reflect our senses of humor and entertainment, and progressive values. Many of our events involve spectacle and/or absurdity. The more people directly participating, the better.

Our progressive values are reflected in the soft promotion of veganism, the organizations that are recipients of our benefits, and the grassroots and non-profit groups we have tabling at some events. Also, some events we’ve helped out like The Lost Film Fest and Hipster Intifada have openly political messages.

Ultimately, we believe strongly in bringing people together and showcasing, celebrating, and promoting a wide range of talented people doing their own thing – whether it’s music, social advocacy and organizing, running an independent business, or other forms of creative expressions. Our goal is to bring people together to teach, entertain, and inspire one another. We’d love to have you involved.

in earlier times…

iLoveMikeLitt started out as a phrase for a t-shirt in 2001. Shortly afterwards, iLoveMikeLitt was an officially registered campus club at the University of Texas at Austin. The club did very little from 2001-2005. Its main activity was the Mike Litt for Homecoming King campaign during the Student Government Elections in 2004.