Annual Veggie Hot Dog Eating Contest

A shot of the 2008 doubles competition

Events are at the heart of iLoveMikeLitt.

Over 20 events in three years with..

  • Over 5000 attendants
  • Over 550 people directly participating as contestants, artists, volunteers, fashion designers, speed daters and more…
  • Over 45 bands
  • Over 25 community groups
  • Over 45 local and national businesses
  • Raised $6,000 cash in seven different benefits
  • Collected 60 pounds in donation items worth $300 benefiting two homeless resource organizations.
Acknowledge Me - DIY Fest and Local Music
Treasure City Thrift Recycled Fashion Show + After Party Benefit
pUnk & circumstance
Dance-Off ATX - May 1, 2008 - United States Art Authority
Hands on an Electric Scooter Contest, Dance-off call for entries
Veggie Speed Dating Poster
$5 Cover
20 Slideshows 20 Tastes
Final Hot Dog Contest Poster